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by Dr. Karen McGlynn

June 3, 2007 was the official launch of the first Healing Walk for Personal, Planetary Peace at Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA. The Healing Walks, Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes people walking all over the country, each week at the same time, with a focused intention for a positive change in their lives. Participants begin each Healing Walk by considering an issue, crisis or situation in their personal lives and/or on the planet that they would like to see improve. As they walk, the participants formulate an action plan to create this new intention of healing and peace.

The Healing Walks was created by local chiropractors, Renee Sexton-Hirschbuhl and Karen McGlynn, as a global tool for individuals to “walk away” their issues whether emotional, mental, or physical by connecting with their personal feelings and with other people in a more peaceful, loving way.

This is not your typical “walk for a cure”. There are no monetary pledges required. The founders believe that the journey to peace does not have to cost huge amounts of money; it truly can be easy, simple, and uncomplicated. A commitment of a positive intention to bring about personal and planetary healing and peace is all that is necessary. The emphasis is on promoting a local individual change followed by a gradual planetary shift of peace consciousness. The participants’ collective energies will not be concentrated on fixing or curing illness, disease or war but rather on expanding and manifesting personal peace into planetary peace. This is certainly not a new paradigm but a century old and empirically proven idea that wherever you place your awareness and belief, the reality will follow. When large numbers of people hold the same ideal, a critical mass occurs and shifts will happen.

The wonderful part of the activity is that it can be done anywhere, everywhere, wherever you are. Participants are encouraged to walk in their neighborhood, in the park, with groups, or individually, inside on treadmills or in a mall. The website will post regional locations where groups of people may come together to participate. Walkers do not have to walk the entire hour; In fact, every individual needs to walk at his or her own pace and at their own level. Anyone beginning this exercise routine should discuss it with a medical doctor for specific guidelines. For those unable to walk, they can participate in any form of meditation or prayer where they can hold their positive intentions. Any amount of time spent during this 1 hour period to contemplate personal and planetary vision is beneficial to the individual and to us all.

The Healing Walks are a venue for suggesting personal responsibility. Current events highlight the improprieties of racism, intolerance and violence through thoughts and deeds. The founders believe that this is the time to start walking the talk, hand in hand with our children in the fundamentals of consciously creating peace in ourselves and thus, the world. They feel that as a human race, we already possess the tools in each and every one of us to obtain personal and planetary peace in our body, mind and soul. What the founders of The Healing Walks, Inc. suggest is a program in which everyone, regardless of age, financial, academic, or physical status, can participate.

Drs. Sexton-Hirschbuhl and McGlynn suggest that all participants wear The Healing Walks distinctive t-shirt (available through their website to encourage greater national visibility and thus, the collective consciousness will expand more rapidly. All profits earned from the sale of these distinctive purple t-shirts are given to the Peace Center’s radio shows Peace Talks ( Talks is a radio project that began with a vision from Barbara Simmons. As a peace educator for more than 20 years, Simmons was seeing and feeling the affects of a constant barrage of news on war, crime and violence - keeping our society in fear. Peace Talks has a strong focus on elevating peace reporting to the same level we have elevated war reporting. The more we learn about peace-building efforts around the world and here in the United States, the more we are inspired to be part of the solution.

The Healing Walks occur at 1 PM, each Sunday all across the country. Local groups meet at Tyler Park in Newtown, PA and Peace Valley Park in Chalfont, PA. Drs. Sexton-Hirschbuhl and McGlynn would like you to imagine a million people all over the globe, walking at the same time, each week, concentrating first to heal one relationship or situation in their personal life and then holding the intention of peace and healing for the entire planet. Imagine the benefits of such a powerful shift. Imagine the difference in the tone of the world. More information concerning the Healing Walks and the local groups is available on the internet at or by calling 267-228-2987.




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